Westside Policies & Procedures!


Working Policies & Procedures Index
  1. Introduction (.pdf) (.doc)
  2. Building Use Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  3. Property Use Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  4. Rental Contract (.pdf) (.doc)
  5. Post-Function Checklist (.pdf) (.doc)
  6. Communication and Privacy Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  7. Criminal Background Check Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  8. Background Check Form (.pdf) (.doc)
  9. Financial Matters Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  10. Responsibilities of Standing Committees (.pdf) (.doc)
  11. Committee Chair and Board Liaison Responsibilities (.pdf) (.doc)
  12. Committee on Ministry Conflict Resolution Procedure (.pdf) (.doc)
  13. Child And Youth Protection Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  14. Reporting Abuse Form (.pdf) (.doc)
  15. Reporting Accident Form (.pdf) (.doc)
  16. Volunteer Application Form (.pdf) (.doc)
  17. Miscellaneous Policies (.pdf) (.doc)
  18. Inclement Weather Policies (.pdf) (.doc)
  19. Disruptive Behavior Policy (.pdf)
  20. Endowment Investment and Distribution Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  21. Socially Responsible Investing Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  22. Digital Communications Policy (.pdf) (.docx)
  23. Social Justice Council Charter (.pdf) (.docx)
  24. In Reach Fund Administration Policy (.pdf) (.docx)
  25. Safe Congregation Policy (.pdf) (.docx)
  26. Donation Policy & Process (.pdf)
  27. Endowment Committee Bylaws (.pdf)
  28. Including Sex Offenders (.pdf)
  29. Procurement Card Policy (.pdf) (.doc)
  30. Procurement Card Procedure (.pdf) (.doc)

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