Aesthetics and Building Use Committee

The Aesthetics and Building Use Committee, a Board appointed committee, will work with the Building and Grounds Committee to create an attractive, informative, and welcoming environment for visitors, friends, and maintain the integrity of our property and the meaningful use of our building. The committee will:

  • develop an aesthetics plan for each fiscal year
  • review proposals that influence the church’s rooms and building such as paint colors, window coverings, furniture, and artwork
  • liaise with other building use stakeholders as needed.
Questions or suggestions, and/or proposals for this committee to consider should be submitted in writing either by email using the link given below or left in the committee mailbox in the church office. Your request should include the following:
  • your name and contact information
  • WSUU Committee represented (if applicable)
  • your question, suggestion and/or proposal for the committee to consider
Following your submission, the ABUC will consider your request based on, but not limited to:
  • financial constraints and responsibility
  • long term purpose and effect for the building and/or it’s members
  • our relationship and lease agreement with Angel Montessori School
The ABUC will contact you after the committee has had an opportunity to consider your concern. Then a representative from the committee will work with you and/or your committee on the implementation of the request. Either way, you will receive communication from the ABUC Chair, following your request.

Westside UU Church
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