Green Sanctuary Committee

This committee puts our Seventh Principle into practice by assisting the church in being more environmentally friendly with Green Sanctuary accreditation by the UUA as one of its goals. To qualify as a Green Sanctuary congregation, Westside must complete twelve projects approved by UUA. They have already accepted four that we have completed, which leaves the following eight:

  1. Energy Blast - Here’s a project that you can do with your family, have a good time, and perform a big service for Fort Worth and environs: XTO Energy has financed a display on natural gas drilling and production at the newly opened Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We’re asking as many folks as possible to visit the display and provide a short, objective statement on what they saw and learned. You might find it helpful to use our form for your statement: It’s available to download on the side bar to the right and hardcopies can be found at church in the wall rack near the sanctuary doors. Just drop your commentary in the committee mail box in the church office, or email it to us at
  2. A Sunday Service with an Air Theme – We will work with the Worship Committee to provide a worship service focused on the air we breath and the health hazards involved in not keeping it as clean and free of pollution as possible. How does our treatment/mistreatment of the air around us affect everything in our environment?
  3. A Sunday Service with a Water Theme – UUA rejected our proposed short workshop on methods of conserving water. Therefore, we have decided to focus on a worship service based on the importance of water to all life and its place in religion. We are working with the Worship Committee to provide this service to our congregation by the fall.
  4. Northwest Earth Institute Workshop – Westside has hosted two very successful NWEI workshops, “Voluntary Simplicity” and “Choices for Sustainable Living.” We plan to kick off the third 7-week workshop, “Discovering a Sense of Place,” about the end of April. We’re continuing to sign folks up for this workshop; books cost $21, but couples can share to save money, and the committee will assist with the purchase for anyone who wants to enroll but just doesn’t have the spare dough to drop right now.
  5. Lighting Control Sensors and Programmable Thermostats – The committee is planning the installation of sensors in select areas of the church which will automatically control lighting, depending on the presence or absence of people. We will also replace the last two non-programmable thermostats with programmable models.
  6. Email Action List – The committee will contact members and friends in the near future to determine interest in receiving action emails from the committee on social justice environmental issues, such as air and water quality, natural gas production issues, recycling, etc. We are discussing whether this should be a Yahoo group, a listserve, or just a simple email?
  7. Park Pick Up and Picnic – We look to support local parks and recreational facilities, while enjoying a fun social gathering, by partnering with local municipalities to provide litter pickup and removal of trash and recyclables. This will also help familiarize our congregants with park resources in the area and stress the importance of keeping them trash-free. On the designated picnic day, church members will collect and sort trash and recyclables from the park, share a meal in the freshly cleaned park, then deliver the trash and recyclables to local waste management and recycling facilities. We would like to make this an annual event.
  8. Community Garden - The Committee is seeking an appropriate location near the church for a congregational or neighborhood garden for children and adults. Composting church food and garden wastes would be part of this project.

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