Here's how it works. Members or friends will sign up for the dinners. You can either sign up as an individual or a couple. If you sign up as a couple, you and your significant other will always be assigned to the same circle. If you sign up as an individual, you are assigned to a group individually. Once signed up, Paul Sears will contact you two weeks before the Dinner weekend, telling you who is in your group and who is the Host. It is up to the Host to orchestrate when, where, and in what format your dinner together will be. The group make up will be different each time.

You can sign up at any time. If you sign up after the two week contact period, you will be included in the next cycle. If you are unable to attend a Cycle no response is required. Only those who are able to attend need respond to Paul’s announcement.

The suppers happen on a monthly basis.

Daytime Evening Daytime or Evening

Phone Email Phone or Email

Yes No

Yes No