Our Mission: To provide a safe environment that encourages development of an open mind, helping hands and a loving heart in our children and youth!

Within the Religious Education program of this church we will encourage our young people:

• To embrace their own spiritual journeys
• To develop the inner strength necessary to make independent value judgments based on truth and love
• To develop their own gifts and self-worth
• To inspire respect for others
• To celebrate the diversity and interdependence of all life
• To become responsible, active members of the world community

Children’s Religious Education Program Goals

• Encourage a sense of community and a commitment to social justice
• Encourage a healthy sense of self
• Practice critical thinking
• Become knowledgeable about Unitarian Universalism
• Improve religious literacy
• Experience meaningful worship and ritual

At Westside, we value our children as the individuals of worth and dignity that they are.

We encourage them to take part in the life of the church, enjoying their participation in social activities, like dances, picnics, camping trips and talent shows, as well as attending part of the worship service. We also have activities geared specifically for the children and youth, especially our religious education classes.

Every Sunday the children attend part of the worship service. After a time for all ages, they leave for our religious education classes. Nursery care is available for infants to age four from 9:45-11:00 and 11:30-12:30 so adults can attend service, adult forum and/or adult religious education.

During the 10:00 service children will go to our Children’s Chapel. Children’s Chapel is for Pre-K through 5th grade children to participate in a short lesson involving Art, Science, Literature, Social Justice or many other great ideas brought by facilitators. The middle school and high school students are welcome to assist the adult facilitators and earn community service hours.

During the 11:30 service, the younger students start in the service as before and then are dismissed to smaller religious education classes. The older students prefer to have more time for class so the Young Class (4th-7th graders) and Emerson Class (8th-12th graders) starts at the beginning of the second service at 11:30 am.

Our curriculum selections and activities will emphasize becoming part of the church community, Unitarian Universalist identity, the sources of our faith, and social justice.

We always welcome newcomers and we enjoy sharing the fun! Come see what is happening at Westside UU!